Workplace Services & Industrial Health

We provide professionals, businesses and industries with customized, cost-effective services that will significantly reduce costs related to worker’s compensation and costs associated with work-related musculoskeletal disorders.


Our education program helps professionals and employees learn to work safer, smarter and more efficiently, decreasing the risk of injury and occurrences of painful conditions and helping them achieve and maintain a healthy body.

On-Site Clinic

We are able to locate a small therapy clinic on-site at your business which improves return to work outcomes by reducing the costs associated with worker injuries claims and pain problems. Reduced visits to off-site physical therapy clinics by employees have also proven to increase productivity.


As a licensed WorkSTEPS® provider we help large and small companies by providing a legally compliant system to assess the ability of potential hires to safely accomplish job tasks. The physical screening is performed after the job has been offered but before hiring. This program has been proven to be an effective tool in reducing Workers’ Compensation claims and related costs.

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Here’s what some of our patients had to say

“I’ve truly had a wonderful experience! The atmosphere is inviting and the staff and therapists are both friendly and professional. I have made great progress under their care and highly recommend them for anyone needing physical therapy. GREAT staff + GREAT therapists = GREAT experience!”

five stars Jane S. PTCare Patient

“What a great place with a team of excellent providers. Everyone there with such a great attitude and knowledge to help better our condition. Everyone that worked with me did such excellent work. My thanks to the entire PTCare team.”

five stars Joe L. PTCare Patient

“Excellent place to visit after knee surgery For therapy. The staff is very knowledgeable an very helpful with the exercises an all five stars are less they deserve more than 5!”

five stars Ali M. PTCare Patient

“My compliments to the whole staff at both clinic locations. They continue to exceed my expectations by providing quality physical therapy in a friendly environment.”

five stars David R. PTCare Patient

“I was extremely pleased with the consistent care I received by all of the staff. I had a total of 42 visits for 2 different concerns and both were treated with total professionalism, knowledge of my needs and kindness. I have been to other P.T. places over the years and this was the best by…

five stars Peggy N. PTCare Patient

“Staff is very friendly and the therapy sessions always start on the time scheduled. After the first visits I already started feeling better. The staff creates a plan to achieve your individual goals towards a full rehab.”

five stars Rigo R. PTCare Patient

“Showed patience in explaining each exercise in detail. Was one-on-one with me – therapist did not have two or three others at one time going from one to the other!!! Like some other places.”

five stars Emily F. PTCare Patient

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