Junior: You’re Going To Walk One Day

At birth Jesus Nisves, Jr., lovingly nicknamed Junior, was diagnosed with Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL), a type of cerebral palsy. At the age of one he began receiving therapy to teach him to walk and talk. For a year his dedicated parents, Crystal and Jesus, drove to Houston for help but Junior was not making progress.

Based on a friend’s recommendation, Crystal researched Physical Therapy Care & Aquatic Rehab of Fort Bend. The clinic’s stellar reputation for success and its alliance with the neighboring practice, Faith Pediatrics which provides Occupational and Speech Therapy, offered a holistic approach to help Junior. The added convenience of being close to home made it an easy choice and they transferred him in 2014.

Sharing the Vision: Building the Trust

“I made the best decision to move here,” said Crystal. “I could see his progress.”

“These parents brought their beloved son to us and they trusted us to do the right thing,” said Patti Kocich, President of the company and the first therapist on Junior’s team.

“At first we had to ease the separation anxiety and with their blessing we worked with him alone. He cried the whole time.”

“But when he came, I thought that if we all worked hard enough we could help Junior to walk one day. And, if we could manage that, all that work and all those tears would be worth it.”

Small Gains, Big Progress

His therapy sessions alternated between the clinic’s specialty pool and the pediatric gym. At first Junior was unable to move his legs in a reciprocal motion, using instead a mermaid kick in the water. Now, two years later he has an alternating kick and moves his legs like other children. He progressed to walking using a walker and then with leg braces.

As his gross motor skills improved, his muscles relaxed. His core strengthened which helped his diaphragm to move and made it easier to speak. All of his therapists saw big improvements across the board and because his speech improved, his personality emerged.

The fearlessness and the effort made by this little charmer have been part of the formula for his success. However his parents’ support and follow through at home have played an integral role. They want him to be like other kids and they push him.

“He has so much confidence now,” said Crystal. “This is like a second home and Miss Patti is his other mom. He used to cry when he came here, now he cries when he can’t come.”

A Normal Kid

Proudly, Crystal lists Junior’s accomplishments. “He goes to school now and loves it. He talks in English, Spanish and Sign Language. In Spanish he can count to twenty and sings La Cucaracha and in English he knows his colors, shapes, and ABC’s. He also sings Head & Shoulder Knees & Toes.”

She laughs at his antics. “When I tell him ‘no’ he thinks it’s because I don’t understand. So he says the same thing in all three languages. The answer is ‘no’ every time.”

“For us, he acts as a normal kid despite all his problems and we want that for him,” she continues. “He really wants to walk, pays close attention and catches on fast.”

“Junior used to be so scared of everything but now he goes to the pool with lots of people there and he loves to go underwater. Now when we go to the playground he walks to the slide. I am a proud Mommy.”

“I get so excited coming to this clinic. I want to see other people succeed like my baby. I want people to know that I made the best decision to bring him here and I thank Miss Patti for her help.”

“I am so proud of my son,” quietly added Jesus, Junior’s dad. “We prayed every night and we never lost our faith.”

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