Sharon: Dry Needling in Action

When Sharon Scoggin was born, two of her cervical joints, C4 and C5, were fused. She has battled nerve pain and the muscle pain that goes with it throughout her life. Subsequent neck surgeries have also helped by fusing C5 and C6 and again C6 and C7.

“This is something that I have dealt with my entire life,” Sharon said “Sometimes even opening a heavy door will put me out.”

Sharon is very proactive in managing her health. When she moved to Richmond from San Antonio, she brought all her records. She has a massage therapist that she works with regularly and she stays ever vigilant to manage her pain.

“I haven’t been in physical therapy for three years but I was starting to have the tingling and burning that tells me it’s time to take action.”

“Our goal at Physical Therapy Care and Aquatic Rehab of Fort Bend is to help each patient regain as much functional mobility as possible,” said Patti Kocich, President of the company.

“Dry Needling is one of the many specialized services we offer and our therapists are required to attend specialized training to gain certification for this modality.”

The treatment goal is to retrain the muscle to reduce pain and increase mobility for the patient.

First the patient’s muscles are manipulated to identify the specific trigger points that are contributing to pain and muscle tension. Then after cleaning the area and squeezing that particular muscle, a very thin dry filament needle is inserted, targeted to that trigger point. An electronic stimulator is then touched to the filament which causes the muscle to tense and relax.

Small filaments make it less painful for the patient and allow the therapist to reach muscles that normally cannot be reached using conventional manual therapy. In addition, there is no medicine involved which is a benefit for patients dealing with chronic pain.

People who turn to this typically have a long-standing issue that causes them a lot of pain and reduced mobility. It can be back and neck pain, headaches, a frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, hip problems, plantar fasciitis: Basically anywhere in the body there is a muscle imbalance.

“My muscles are the loosest they have ever been,” commented Sharon as she lay there chatting easily during the therapy.

Sharon’s treatment regimen at Physical Therapy and Aquatic Rehab of Fort Bend includes dry needling as part of a comprehensive and dynamic physical therapy program.

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